Ticket donations to local nonprofits

ticket donations

Berkeley Repertory Theatre gives back!

We’re happy to donate tickets to Bay Area nonprofit organizations for use as a fundraising tool. We process over a thousand ticket voucher requests every year, sending vouchers to the majority of the organizations that follow these guidelines.

  • Make your request to us approximately two months prior to your event by filling out this form completely. We cannot expedite requests.
  • The nonprofit must be within the 93901–95999 zip code range.
  • Only one ticket voucher (good for two tickets) per tax ID number will be granted each season (August–June).

Request ticket voucher

Requests will be reviewed in chronological order by event date. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every request. We do not have the capacity to respond to phone calls, emails, or social media messages requesting ticket vouchers or to follow up on requests already submitted.

Ticket vouchers from us will be mailed via USPS two–six weeks before your event. We cannot, under any circumstances, arrange for you to pick up a ticket voucher.

Some restrictions apply to the vouchers themselves. General restrictions are listed on the voucher, are summarized in a letter to you, and are located on our website. It is important that you include this information, as well as the expiration date listed on the voucher itself, in your description of the item. Berkeley Rep will not be liable for honoring any terms other than those specified on the voucher. Vouchers must only be used for fundraising purposes.

While we do appreciate your gratitude, please do not send a confirmation of receipt or tax letter for our donation.

Thank you for your interest. We wish you much success in your fundraising endeavors!