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Groups are 10+ people

Bring 10–14 people and save $5 per ticket—we’ll even waive the service charge for you. Or bring 15 or more and save even bigger! Groups of 15+ save 20% per ticket, plus we’ll give you a free ticket for yourself as the organizer. Discount applies to most shows. Some restrictions may apply.

To arrange your group, call 510 647–2918, Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm, or email

Need more flexibility? Entourage gives you the same great savings, and you can set it up in minutes. Learn more here.

School groups

Special group rates are available for middle, high school, and college groups. For more information, call 510 647–2918, Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm, or email In addition, we offer student matinees for middle and high school groups. Learn more about the Student Matinee Series.

Pre-Show Party Package

Want to give your group a little something extra? Now you can rent a portion of the Roda lobby for your private pre-show function! Add the Pre-Show Party Package for just $500 and your group of up to 60 people will receive exclusive access to the party area (in the Helen C. Barber Lobby and/or John C. Mendel Room) for up to four hours. Space subject to availability. Package is for use by audience groups on the day of show only. For more information, call 510 647–2918, Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm, or email For all other space rental inquiries, click here.

Please note that group discounts are subject to availability and may be limited to specific performances.

Entourage tickets

How would you like a free ticket to Berkeley Rep, a 20% discount for all your friends and never have to collect money or nail down a headcount? You need an Entourage.

Entourage is this easy

If you can bring at least 10 people to see a show, you’re right for Entourage. Here’s how it works:

Pick up to five dates.

Whether it’s one or five, choose a few dates that work for your group. Let us know what you pick, and we’ll send you a unique promo code and a toolkit for getting the word out.

Tell your friends.

Or your family, your congregation, your sorority—whoever’s in your Entourage! They’ll each use your code to save 20% on the days you picked, while you sit back and…

Reap the rewards.

In addition to saving 20% (and skipping the service charge!) on your tickets, you’ll also earn a free ticket to a future Berkeley Rep show once your Entourage reaches 15 people.

Get started

To arrange your Entourage, call 510 647–2918, Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm, or email All we need is your email address, a credit card number to keep on file, and up to five dates. We’ll take it from there.

Please note: Entourage tickets must be purchased online and entourages are not necessarily seated together. There is a $25 setup fee for the Entourage organizer which is waived when the Entourage reaches the 10-person minimum; for special presentations, the setup fee is $75. Tickets are subject to availability.


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Someone in my group is under 35. How does that work?

People under 35 will save 30–50%, just like always. But there’s a benefit to including them in your Entourage—they’ll save the $9 processing fee and they’ll count towards your group total, so you’ll be closer to earning that free ticket. After entering your Entourage code, people under 35 will select the price called “Entourage Under 35” (30–50% off) while everyone else will select “Entourage Regular” (20% off).

Can I add or change my Entourage dates later?

Sorry, all Entourage orders are final. Be sure to choose dates that work for your group and check to see there are plenty of tickets available before you place your order.

How can I make sure my group sits together?

Seating is not guaranteed with Entourage until you actually buy a ticket; buy yours early before the performances sell out. If you’d like your group to sit together, we recommend looking for an open area on the seating chart and telling your group to buy their tickets in that area (e.g., “Let’s all buy tickets in Row C.”).

If it’s critical that you all sit together at one performance, call 510 647–2918, Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm, or email to discuss booking a traditional group.

Are there restrictions on where I can sit?

Nope! Your Entourage code will knock 20% off the full price of any available seat.

Will everyone in my group have to pay $25 if the group is smaller than 10?

No, the $25 fee is a one-time setup fee charged only to the organizer, and only if the group ends up smaller than ten people. Everyone—including the organizer—will keep their 20% discount, even if the group ends up too small.

When is the deadline for getting ten group members?

We know some people buy last-minute, so we won’t charge you until it’s impossible for anyone else to join your Entourage. In practical terms, that means the day after the last performance you chose. For example, if you picked Entourage dates on May 1, 2 and 3, we wouldn’t charge you until May 4. Of course, as long as you meet the minimum group requirement (10 or more people), you won’t be charged at all!

Can I use Entourage for a class trip but get the $15 student group rate?

Yes! Instead of the 20% discount, you can get a special Entourage code for $15 student tickets. Like regular student groups, the $15 rate has restrictions and the minimum group size is 10. Contact us directly at or call 510 647–2918, Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm, to discuss your Entourage.

Need to make sure everyone sits together? Learn more about booking a traditional group.

Please note that group discounts are subject to availability and may be limited to specific performances.



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