Members of Berkeley Rep’s Michael Leibert Society

Barbara Peterson

Attending regularly since 2003 / overall since 1994

“I feel strongly that the arts are an essential part of a thriving culture and community. They provide connections to people with shared passions but they also have the ability to challenge our thoughts and beliefs, exposing us to new ideas. Berkeley Rep has demonstrated a powerful and lasting impact not only on our community, but across many communities. I tell my friends, if you believe high quality, thoughtprovoking, and entertaining theatre is an important element of the community, your legacy donation to Berkeley Rep can make a difference. It is a powerful way to convey your values and ensure it remains for generations to come.”

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Kerry Francis

Attending with friends and family since 1991

“Berkeley Rep has always fascinated, thrilled, challenged, and brought all the emotions possible during productions. We share these experiences with our friends and family. By giving to Berkeley Rep, we are providing that opportunity for others to encounter those same emotions.”

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Michael Kossman

Attending with friends since 1994

“I’m thrilled to continue to find new ways to deepen my involvement with Berkeley Rep. Serving on the theatre’s board, on the Advisory Council for Angels in America, and now as a member of the Michael Leibert Society leaves a lasting commitment to the theatre and our community for many years to come.”

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Bill Espey & Margaret Hart Edwards

Attending together since 1984

“We value the power of performing arts to express emotion, articulate points of view, and encourage thought. We gave our children an extensive exposure to the arts as a core element of their upbringing. Berkeley Rep was an integral part of their education. We have included Berkeley Rep in our estate plan so that future generations can enjoy the same opportunities.”

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Rick Hoskins & Lynne Frame

Attending together since 1995

“Our parents took us to the theatre when we were growing up and our mutual love for theatre is part of what brought us together. Berkeley Rep consistently engages us by presenting innovative work that is often intellectually and philosophically challenging. Each year we get four subscriptions so that we can bring friends to every show, which inevitably leads to a stimulating post-show discussion. Berkeley Rep is included in our estate plan to help ensure the Theatre’s continuity for the benefit of our family and our community.”

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Dale & Don Marshall

Attending together since 2004

“Berkeley Rep is a local jewel. It provides insights into life for the audience and for those who are touched by the educational outreach, which helps young people to make the transition from child to adult in a more meaningful way. Berkeley Rep is a part of our legacy, and we feel good that our children know of our support during our lifetime and beyond.”

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Dorothy Walker

Attending with children, grandchildren, and other family and friends since 1968

“I believe it is important to support local nonprofits that enrich our community as well as ourselves. Berkeley Rep provides all of us with the opportunity to see live theatre—classics revisited and new and experimental productions. I have provided for Berkeley Rep in my will to honor its important influence on my children as teenage theatergoers, and to help assure that other families and growing children can have similar experiences.”

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Toni Mester

Attending since 1985

“Planned giving is not just for the wealthy. I have included Berkeley Rep as a beneficiary in my trust because theatre has enriched my life.”

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